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Gran Turismo Creator Takes To Top Gear's Test Track

Illustration for article titled Gran Turismo Creator Takes To Top Gears Test Track

Continuing a partnership begun with the game's prologue, Gran Turismo 5 is once again teaming up with British TV series Top Gear, with the inclusion of the show's famous test track in Sony's PS3 racer.


Die-hard fans of the game (or show) may remember a fleeting promise of this all the way back in 2007, but having recently been measured on the ground and photographed from the air over the course of four days, the track - which is used on the show to test cars as well as the driving skills of celebrities - is now, finally, ready to be one of the many included when the game ships...whenever it ships.


Of course, it's not like the occasion was going to go by without series creator Kazunori Yamauchi heading out onto the former airfield for a spin. Asked by Top Gear's website what it was like out there on one of the world's most famous courses, he replied "I tried driving it myself, but it's really hard to find the driving line. It's so wide that it becomes difficult to find markers and visual points. It was only after I sat with the Stig as a passenger that I finally realised where all the turn-in points and the correct driving lines were."

Sadly, Kaz was not a passenger in the show's "reasonably priced car", so he won't be taking a run at its famed leaderboard of top times. Nothing stopping you from doing the same, though, once you get your hands on the game. Now, if only Bill Bailey was also included...

[Top Gear]

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Maybe we could have the Stig as a playable character?!

And I recently watched Fifth GEar (i think it's called). They quite honesty try very hard to copy this show and be better it's hilarious.