Gran Turismo Creator Begs For Your Forgiveness

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Upcoming PlayStation 3 racer Gran Turismo 5 may have been delayed again, but it's the game's technical performance, and not its punctuality, which has the series' creator Kazunori Yamauchi asking for your forgiveness.

Well, not really asking. More like begging.

"Our engineers complain every day: 'Isn't it enough that it's in 1080p? Does it have to be 60fps too?' But I think 60fps is very important, so we're working towards perfecting that", Yamauchi (pictured!) told PSM3 magazine.


"There might be times when you have a certain combination of conditions that come together - especially with the weather effects - [when] the game might briefly drop from 60fps, and for that I beg your forgiveness!"

Why, we can't get mad at that kind of honesty.

Gran Turismo 5 drops below 60fps - Kaz 'begs forgiveness' [CVG]

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Isn't 30 fps like the max the human eye can capture?

Question btw, not a statement.