Gran Turismo Car vs Real Car

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While we can debate the merits of Gran Turismo as a game til the cows come home, nobody is going to argue against the fact it's an excellent reference/shrine for car lovers. But just how good are Polyphony's artists?


Fansite GTPlanet has noticed that a recent batch of rendered art for the PSP version of the game matches almost perfectly with the actual press kit photos of the real car they're depicting (the Corvette ZR1). Giving us all the perfect chance to see just how the two cars shape up!

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Real Life vs. Gran Turismo: Corvette ZR1 [GTPlanet]



They are kinda impressive, although renders always seem to glow more than shine as they do in real life. It's hard to really simulate the paint/coating layers. And you can really tell which ones are rendered by noticing that the rendered cars' wheels don't have a chrome finish as the real cars'. (second and the third)

In any case, it really doesn't say anything about the game they're trying to sell. Which is a shame, because in the end, it's all about the limitations of the device it's running on.