Gran Turismo 5's Crash Damage In Action

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Here's a good clip showing Gran Turismo 5's damage modelling, a first for the series. Collisions and crashes still look way too bouncy, but at least now you've got something to show for them.


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I really don't understand gamers despite being one of the most hardcore gamers I know. Why all the hate? Where's your logic, your sensibility, and most of all, your sense of tact? I read through most of these comments, and it's just a bunch of fools making idiots of themselves. And this on Kotaku, where commenters are usually a cut above the rest.

Lets stop the hate train for a second and look at this logically:

- This is a racing sim, not a crash sim. Do crashes unfortunately happen in real races? Yes. That's why this is being added to the game to portray it more realistically.

- Unless you're just a total ass, the only time you should swap paint with another car is during a couple of bumps or an area congested with a lot of vehicles.

- Noting the 2 above points, the general damage you'll find in GT5 (see: Ferrari damage video further down in the comments) should be completely sufficient. Your car takes a couple dents and scratches, gets a bit dirty, and by the end of the race, your car visibly looks like what A REAL CAR should look when it finishes.

- In events that are more prone to spectacle crashes - NASCAR, WRC, and other events involving race and rally cars - Guess what? You'll have much more robust damage modeling in the game like in the video above.

- Also, if you actually cared about, or had any actual interest in the GT games (besides flaming it), you'd know that it's already been stated that the video above is only a taste of the full damage modeling they're working on for vehicles and events that will support it.

- Finally, I'll point out that your engine will sustain pretty heavy damage from crashes, thus thwarting the infamous "rail bounce" tactic so you'll be less inclined to do stupid maneuvers that would total a normal car.

But hey, who needs logical thinking and reasoning when we can all be ignorant hate mongers!? Just avoid all the bullet points above and devolve into monkeys!

Lets take a game that's about racing and complain that your driver isn't squashed like a tomato because you intentionally plowed into a wall at 180mph for the lulz.

Lets also mention how this game NEEDS full damage modeling because 8 years ago in GT3 you used to bounce off guard rails to save a few seconds, and that lack of realism totally compromises GT's integrity.

Lets not dare mention that crashes in GT5 will make your car engine take massive damage. So if you pull a stunt like that, your vehicle may not realistically portray an impact at that speed, but your car will definitely drive like crap because of it. But who cares about losing the entire race because your engine is too busted up to drive!? WE NEED CRAZY DAMAGE AND CARNAGE TO SHOW US THAT WE CAN'T DRIVE DAMMIT!

Lastly, lets hate on a game that's only partially finished and not even out yet! Nevermind the fact that the lead developer said they will be polishing things up a bit more and fine tuning everything! Who needs facts when you can flame!

Honestly, you people are absolutely fucking ridiculous. Also, since everything has to be a flame war, have you seen Forza 3's damage? It's not exactly Burnout either. Polyphony is doing a fine job with this title, and the damage is shaping up to be perfectly fine for a racing sim.

If you want crashes, go play Motostorm or Burnout. That's not what this game is about. You shouldn't be smashing into walls at 200mph, and if you are ignorant enough to do so, you'll still suffer the consequences for it, even if it's not by glass and metal going everywhere.