Gran Turismo 5 Update To Peel Out This Weekend

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The newly released racer is going to get an update shortly that will, as GT5 designer Kazunori Yamauchi tells Eurogamer, "refine the usability of the game to make it a better experience".


The update will hit on November 27 and, as Yamauchi points out, include more regulations for online play like max power and weight restrictions. About Gran Turismo 5, Yamauchi said, "It's like a living creature, dynamically growing as we speak."

Earlier this week, "extreme online traffic congestion" pounded Gran Turismo 5's online, affecting the singleplayer. Sony offered a temp solution: unplug your PS3. Yamauchi says the traffic onslaught put the game's online service in "kind of a critical state". The reason for this is that GT5's data center was configured to deal with 500,000. "But the number of connections we received greatly exceeded that amount and there was a high chance of experiencing problems as a result," Yamauchi adds.

"The design of the GT game really integrates the online and offline parts. So the problems online actually affected the offline play as well," he says. "Right now we've changed the number of simultaneous connections that are possible to one million, doubling the number, and we're trying to gauge what will happen, but we don't know at this point in time."

Future updates will include leaderboards and matchmaking as they are "all planned in the process of evolution." Yamauchi tells Eurogamer that his studio will be upgrading the game "every week, every month".

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Everyone seems to be complaigning about the game. Is it really that bad?