Gran Turismo 5 Mega-Patch Is Racing To Your PS3

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When you release a game of the scope of Gran Turismo 5, there are bound to be hiccups. And GT5 had some hiccups. A massive patch issued overnight will hopefully remedy many of those!


Taking the game to version 1.06, it adds a ton of fixes and new features to the game. Most important is probably the fact you can start and monitor B-Spec races from a browser, even if you're away from home, though AI tweaks and additional features for online races are also appreciated.

There's also support for multi-monitor setups and, mercifully, the removal of one of the game's startup messages, making the agonising wait from XMB to starting grid just that little bit shorter.

You can see the full list of updates - many of which will improve our everyday experience with the game - at the link below.

[Gran Turismo]


Platypus Man

I've been playing RPGs for years and my dad has never understood why. He enjoys a good racer or platformer, but just doesn't understand why people, myself included, find RPGs fun and why they play them. He got Gran Turismo 5 the day it came out and he's been playing it a decent amount since then. He likes most things about the game, but complained to me about the B-Spec races. As he described them, they sounded very similar to RPGs. I watched him play one and yes, it had pretty much all of the elements of an RPG, at least outside of the story. And as he described it, I also realized that it sounds like a very bad RPG. Maybe it's just because I'm seeing it through him, a person who doesn't like RPGs, but it sounds very boring. And if there's one thing I've learned through my years of playing RPGs, it's that a good RPG doesn't require you to grind. The flow of the game itself should prepare you for the next "boss" and, unless you skip too many "battles," you shouldn't need to grind (outside of bonus, non-story bosses sometimes). The fact that he's seeing a lot of grinding makes me think that not only is it an RPG, it's a bad RPG.

Again, this is almost entirely second-hand, so excuse me if I got a few things wrong, but I did see one "race" and I can't say I disagree with the comparison. The fact that they let you start the B-Spec races from a browser just reinforces how different it is from the rest of the game and, I would bet, what most of the players want.