Gran Turismo 5 Is 65% Complete, Apparently (But FFXIII Is Nearly Done)

So the official magazine you can pick up at the Tokyo Game Show not only lists every game on the floor, but some important details on those games. Like, how far they are from completion.


Now, note that these are just estimates, no doubt thrown together by publishers and the show's organisers to give people a rough idea how far off the games are. So they're not hard science.

But still! It's interesting to note the progress listed for some of these games. Gran Turismo 5, for example? Despite rumours that it's due this holiday season, it's only listed as being 65% done.

Final Fantasy XIII, on the other hand, is sitting pretty a 90%. Other notable games listed are:

Okamiden: 25%
Lost Planet 2: 70%
Valkyria Chronicles 2: 70%
Yakuza 4: 65%
The Last Guardian: ?
Crackdown 2: ?
Alan Wake: ?
Halo Reach: ?
Final Fantasy XIV: 50%
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker: 50%
God of War III: 60%
Heavy Rain: 50%


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