Gran Turismo 5 Gets A Damage Update (But There's A Catch)

Car damage, a feature that has confused many of the game's owners since Gran Turismo 5's release a couple of weeks ago, has just gotten a lot less confusing, courtesy of a 149mb update released overnight.

Once you've downloaded the update, car destruction options can be accessed from the game's main menu, users able to select from three varying degrees of damage.


So what's the catch? Oh, there's a catch. You can only access these options from your "lounge", not as part of the epic singleplayer "campaign" or the more immediate "arcade" mode. So many of you won't be noticing it in the game mode you spend the most time in!

Ah well. Maybe the next update — and we've been promised there are many more updates to come — will add it in singleplayer!

[via GTPlanet]

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