Gradius ReBirth Gives WiiWare Some Options

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While we were hunkered down at the Los Angeles Convention Center last week, wondering "Is that it?" of E3 2008, Konami announced Gradius ReBirth, a WiiWare title that looks to fill the Gradius void in our lives. Like the retro stylings of Mega Man 9, Konami is giving the hardcore what they want — gameplay minus expensive production values — and they're doing it through digital distribution.


Gradius ReBirth is planned for a summer release in Japan. If it arrives elsewhere, buy it. Convince Konami to restart work on Gradius VI. Seriously.


Gradius ReBirth [Konami]

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Oh, McWhertor, you and your clever post title puns. If you would managed to put "Shoot The Core" somewhere around the article, it would be perfect.

Im a big time Gradius fan, and this is a dream come true. Hope they make it even better then Gradius Advanced! That single screenshot thats been running around the web is not enought to judge, but at least we can confirm Moai heads!

Wonder if they will ever beat the perfection of Gradius V...