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Grab A Ton Of Great Video Game Music For Almost No Money

Illustration for article titled Grab A Ton Of Great Video Game Music For Almost No Money

It's almost Thanksgiving break, which means that a lot of you will be doing some traveling. And what better time to listen to delightful music than when on a plane or in the car?


The game music bundle has got you covered, with a typically great collection of soundtracks all available for as little as you want to pay. For just a buck, you can get the delightful sounds of Spelunky (though sometime we'll have to chat about that out-of-tune sax), the retro beats of Retro City Rampage, Disasterpiece's chicken pickin Shoot Many Robots soundtrack, the mournful music of Dear Esther, and Jim Guthrie's beautiful soundtrack to Indie Game: The Movie.

Go up to ten bucks, and you'll get a bunch more good stuff, including "Adventures in Pixels," and a grip of tunes from Hotline Miami, a game that easily has one of the very best game soundtracks of the year.


Good music, a good deal, and a good way to support video game composers. What's not to like?

Game Music Bundle [Official Site]

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It's not part of this Bundle, but if you want more game music, can I recommend Bastion's soundtrack? That's a stunning piece of work. I was letting my music collection shuffle in the car with my husband the other day, and Mother, I'm Here came on and I may have started crying. He was baffled. "Do... do you... not WANT to go to Busch Gardens?"