Gotta Getta Vita

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"Hello, Kotaku." | Sony cheekily included a customized greeting on the Vitas they sent us to review.


The PlayStation Vita: The Kotaku Review

If you're in a hurry, you simply need to know that the PlayStation Vita is a very good portable video game machine that excels in ways that Sony hasn't bothered to hype. More »


Uncharted: Golden Abyss: The Kotaku Review

When Sony unveiled its PlayStation Vita handheld at last year's E3, Uncharted: Golden Abyss was one of the first things they showed. This sent a clear message: More »



Little Deviants: The Kotaku Review

The first thing I ever heard about the PlayStation Vita game Little Deviants was that you could touch the Vita's rear touch panel to poke flat ground in the game into hills. More »



WipEout 2048: The Kotaku Review

Racing games on handheld systems can be a tough sell-with a smaller screen and lower hardware horsepower, it can be difficult to convey the sense of speed that makes great racing games great. More »



Super Stardust Delta: The Kotaku Review

The best physical attributes of the PlayStation Vita are the machine's big screen and twin analog sticks.
They are conveniently what Super Stardust Delta uses best to make one of the cheapest launch games for Sony's new gaming portable one of its best. More »


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Dylan Juran

So I just got my Vita 16GB Mem card from Amazon today. Of course My Vita hasn't even shipped yet, but I got the Mem card!

Anyway, I cancelled my Uncharted order because I didn't want to waste $50 on a game I've played 3 times before. I want something fresh and new for the Vita. What does the Kotaku Community think I should get as my first PSV game? I'm Sony's EXACT target market for this, so I'm open to both DL games and card.

I do have a $25 gift card for GameStop, so that might make it a little easier for you to suggest things.

I've never played ModNation before, but it looks interesting, I also don't really care about price, I just want something fun that speaks to the Vita's strengths.

Thanks Kotakuites,

CptAwesome Out