Quick, what do you think were the biggest games on Google this year? Grand Theft Auto? Call of Duty? League of Legends?

Google has released their annual top-ten search lists for 2013, and the video game results are a little bit odd. GTA V is up there, sure, and so are a few other big games, like BioShock Infinite and Battlefield 4, but then... Cookie Clicker? Atari Breakout? No Clash of Clans or Dota 2 or even a Call of Duty in sight.

Let's break the list down:

  1. Grand Theft Auto V - Well, yeah. The year's biggest game.
  2. Cookie Clicker - Maybe because it's a browser game with a tricky URL and Google is the best way to find it?
  3. Atari Breakout - You can actually play Atari Breakout by searching for it on Google Image, which explains why it's so high.
  4. Candy Crush - Ugh.
  5. BioShock Infinite - Also one of the year's biggest games.
  6. Cube World - A lot of people really liked this one.
  7. Battlefield 4 - Beats out Call of Duty, interestingly.
  8. Neverwinter - I have no idea why this is on here.
  9. SimCity - Clearly people were trying to find Kotaku's SimCity Disaster Watch.
  10. Skylanders SWAP Force - Solely the work of Mike Fahey.