While the project was led from Google US, the goal was to create something which explored and celebrated Japanese myths and culture, so all the game’s art was created by Japanese artists and studios. Watching the video above, you can see that a great deal of thought has gone into this. Each of the seven sports are associated with folk tales that the artists felt were connected—for instance archery depicts Nasu no Yoichi, a 12th century samurai famed for his legendary aim with a bow.


It’s extremely playable, and there’s a whole bunch to do. Alongside archery there’s also rugby, table tennis, and skateboarding. The game remembers your progress when you close the tab, so you can pick it up and play whenever you get a moment. I’m somewhat surprised to see some typos in the English language version, but any complaints are quickly eclipsed by the absolutely beautiful anime cutscenes created by Studio 4°C.

The doodle will apparently be playable throughout the Olympics, so don’t worry that this will be replaced tomorrow by a picture commemorating the birth of a 17th century poet you feel guilty for never having heard of. The Games are over by the 8th August, so it seems you should have until then to complete the island.