Google's Homepage Today Features A Terrific Little Ice Game


It's Frank Zamboni's 112th birthday! You might wonder who Frank Zamboni is. Have you tried googling it? You could either look him up the usual way, or try out Google's newest playable Doodle.

The game, while simple at first, gets complicated fast. You, stepping into the role of a bespectacled handyman, are tasked with cleaning up progressively larger arenas using an ice resurfacer, Zamboni's famous invention. You have to plan your moves carefully, as driving around the arena depletes your fuel. Run out of fuel, and you're done.


As you progress through the levels, more and more powerups start to appear, dropped by the various visitors. Some, like the ice cream cones, only give you extra score, while coffee puts you into a caffeine rush, allowing you to zip across the arena with great speed. Fuel cans (obviously) restore a little bit of your fuel meter. Banana peels, on the other hand, send your resurfacer spinning out of control; but you can use them strategically to clean up a small area of ice without using up fuel.

At the end of the (rather short) game, you are given a final score depending on how well you did—how many bonus items you picked up, and how fuel-efficient you were. I think I did okay, but you guys can probably do a lot better. Wanna give it a try? If you do, make sure to post your scores below.


Zamboni Doodle [Google]


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