Google's Chrome Web Store Brings Games To Your Web Browser

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At the Google I/O conference today, Google revealed the Chrome Web Store, a browser-based application store where users will be able to download and install games like LEGO Star Wars and Plants Vs. Zombies directly to their web browsers.


The Chrome Web Store, due to launch later this year, will enable users to easily discover web applications and developers to reach a larger audience. The web store addresses problems with integrating web applications into a computer operating system by installing web applications directly to the browser. Google's overview of the technology likens the process to creating a "super-bookmark" to the web content.

The Chrome Web Store will work with any browser, though Chrome users will be able to take advantage of a special built-in app launcher area.

Applications will run the gamut of software types, from productivity programs to video games. During the presentation, demonstrations were made of Popcap's Plants Vs. Zombies, along with a port of LEGO Star Wars called LEGO Star Wars: The Quest for R2-D2. Both games launched immediately, with the Star Wars title running smoothly in full 3D.

Developers will be able to host free applications on the Chrome Web Store, or sell them via a secure payment system.

For more information, feel free to poke around the Chrome Web Store page. You might as well bookmark it now, before the rush.


Zak T Duck

I'd be interested to see how well Lego Star Wars and Plants Vs Zombies hold up as a web app, and as to whether the game data itself is being held client side with Chrome just being a launcher, or server side with Chrome acting as a Virtual Machine.

I've been playing around with Spoon [] for the past couple of days which seems to follow the server side approach. An app or game is launched from a website and streamed through the plugin to your desktop. It seems to work quite well, Oregon Trail plays like a dream, as does Half Life Uplink if you've got a fast enough connection and patience to wait for it to stream in.