Goodness Gracious, That Perofella Adult Video Actress Has Been Busy

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While porn star Tsubomi recently appeared in the Persona porno parody, that's not all the 24 year-old has appeared in. She's appeared in far more dirty films—a mind boggling number, actually.


Her official blog recently announced an important milestone: Tsubomi appeared in her ONE THOUSANDTH blue movie. Granted that does include complations and supporting roles, but one thousand!

To put that into perspective, that's half the number of adult films Ron Jeremy has been in—and he's been working since the beginning of time. Tsubomi debuted in 2006. Whenever does she find the time to record music—or, you know, just not have sex?


演作が1000本超えた「つぼみ」ちゃんにありがとうの気持ちを伝えよう [2ch News Flash VIP]

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Carl On Duty

I'm sorry but Kotaku you really need to STOP with the Japanese porn articles! Have you seen Japanese porn?! The "girls" sound and look like they are 10 years old and being molested it's very unnerving.