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Goodbye Next-Gen, Hello Edge (The Website)

Illustration for article titled Goodbye Next-Gen, Hello Edge (The Website)

You may be familiar with top-shelf industry news site Next-Gen. They're the online reincarnation of a long-dead US magazine, which was basically the American version of respected British mag Edge. Being so close and all (both are run by Future publishing), for the past few months, Next-Gen have begun hosting Edge magazine's content, giving the magazine a decent online presence for the first time in its existence. A presence that's about to get a lot more prominent. Next-Gen will, come Monday, be rebranding their website, which will now be known as Edge. Just like the magazine. This is being done in an attempt to "emulate the respect and credibility of the print magazine online". Odd move, seeing as Next-Gen were already respected and credible, but so long as it doesn't affect either the magazine or the current site, everything should turn out just fine.


Future to rebrand Next Gen website as Edge []

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My all time favorite magazine since Super Play stoped being printed (Because the SNES was dead by the time they did). I have tons of EDGE at home, some really fond memories of the editorials by the guest writers and those snazzy 10/10 scores... good times!

It's amazing in this day and age of the ineternets that it still manages to stay relevant, after all these years.

Sadly, I must avoid the website, because the magazine arrives here 1 month later then it's regular street date and I must not spoil myself by accident...