Goodbye, 80GB Motorstorm Bundle

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Ah, 80GB MotorStorm bundle. You've been a good friend. Well, you haven't to me, since PAL territories never got you,'ve been a good friend to somebody, I bet. And that's what's really important. And that friend will have cherished the good times: the MotorStorm, the backwards compatability, the increased storage space the 80GB model affords. So when you wave goodbye to the bundle - which Sony say is no longer being sent to retailers by Sony - try and remember those good times, OK? And, I don't know...make new friends. Like the 80GB MGS4 bundle which will replace it. Just don't get too attached to that one. You never know how long it's going to last...


Sony: 80GB PS3 Motorstorm bundle discontinued [Joystiq]

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Dude, whatever, we haven't had one of those in at my store since like February. Blows my mind that it took them this long to own up to it.