Good Old Games Beta Launches

Several of you have written in this morning to let us know that the early start beta for CD Projekt's DRM-free classic PC game store Good Old Games ( is now live, with one helpful reader sending us a screenshot of the games currently available via the service. When I first heard about the website my first thought was a giant "Why?", but now looking over the list I begin to see their point. There is definitely potential here for me to spend a great deal of money. Descent 3 plus expansions for $5.99, without having to dig through a giant bin at a CompUSA somewhere? Definitely a good deal. Consider me intrigued. Also consider me not going anywhere near the service, because I have a buying disorder that doesn't register how many times purchases under $10 occur, leading to some surprising and painful math lessons once the bank statement hits. Slots are still available, so hit the link below to sign up today. Good Old Games [ - Thanks to Paul for the Pic!]


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