Gone Home Map For Counter-Strike Lets You Defuse Bombs, Emotions

Gone Home doesn't have guns, you say? Well now it's got guns and terrorists thanks to a custom CS:GO map by Nipper that turns the Greenbriar's house into a hostage situation.

The map even has a tiny dash of story in the description:

June 7th, 2015

1:15 AM

Your family is mysteriously missing again. But you can figure that out later. Right now you have more pressing issues to attend to, like the fact that your house is full of terrorists and some dude has been taken hostage. Rescue him by taking him to the garage where you can make a swift getaway on that old bike thats been sitting there for twenty years.


I took a stroll through the re-imagined house in the video below. It's really a great recreation of the original game's house.


It probably isn't the most balanced CS:GO map, but that's the cost of accuracy. You can download it from the steam page here.

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