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Arcade and bar golfing sensation Golden Tee recently made it's way to aircraft carrier USS John C Stennis, thanks to the company behind the game.


Incredible Technologies sent a brand new machine to the aircraft carrier after Lt. Mike Hall wrote a letter to them about his love of the game and his longing to play it while at sea.

After donating the arcade machine, the Navy invited some of the folks from Incredible Technologies aboard the aircraft to see just how important the machine will be to recreational life at sea.


The team is flying out to Bremerton, Washington today to help install the popular bar game and then plans to ride along with the Navy to San Diego where the Stennis will be preparing for her next deployment.

Looks like they're going to need to update the official page for the Nimitz-class nuclear-powered supercarrier seems a little tight:

Crew: 5,000
Telephones: 2,000
Light fixtures: : 30,000
Sheets: 28,000
Golden Tee 2009 Machines: 1

Why Golden Tee? Why an aircraft carrier? [Golden Tee Blog]

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