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Even though I left the Rocky Mountain News to run Kotaku fulltime awhile back, I still write for the newspaper. Mostly because I like the idea of being able to expose a very mainstream audience to gaming.


The paper has kicked off the past three years with an annual Game of the Year feature, that the Rocky decided to name the Golden Crecentes. It's a chance for me to not only name some of the big titles, the triple-A games of the previous year, but also to sneak in a couple of more subtle categories like Best Indie, Best Downloadable, and this year, Best iPhone Game.

The latest Golden Crecentes ran this morning in the paper, and I suspect it might be the last with the Rocky seemingly heading toward closure. I could be wrong. I actually didn't think the article would see the light of day.


Here's my editor's wonderful intro for the awards:

Even during this economic apocalypse, the winners of the Third Annual Golden Crecentes should resist the urge to melt down these valuable awards for the bullion within. Because these babies are worth more than their weight in gold. They say, "We are the absolute best games of the year, the dazzling pinnacle of technical and artistic achievement."

Besides, the Golden Crecentes are really figurative honors. There are no actual statuettes - just the priceless glory that comes prepackaged with year-end accolades bestowed by gaming guru Brian D. Crecente.

Yes, I picked Grand Theft Auto IV as game of the year again, but I bet you don't know what other games made the cut.


Golden Crecentes honor year's best video games [Rocky Mountain News]

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