[Image: DB_Black01]

In the latest episode of Dragon Ball Super, Goku gets a new form. Here it is.

[Warning: This article has spoilers.]

The Japanese name for this form is ā€œMigatte no Gokuiā€ (čŗ«å‹ę‰‹ć®ę„µę„), which means, ā€œThe Key of Egoism,ā€ but the official English name is Ultra Instinct.

Whis and Beerus have also used this form, with Whis using it against Goku.


Goku goes into this form during a battle with Jiren after emerging from a crater caused by an overpowered explosion. Since the Ultra Instinct form doesnā€™t seem stable (at least in this instance), Goku loses his command of it and isnā€™t victorious against Jiren.


But watch out once Goku masters Ultra Instinct.

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