GOG's New Refund Policy Is Extremely Generous

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PC marketplace Good Old Games announced a new refund policy today, and uh, it’s very kind. Maybe even too kind.

Here’s the new policy, straight from GOG: “Starting now, you can get a full refund up to 30 days after purchasing a product, even if you downloaded, launched, and played it. That’s it.”

That’s honestly kinda nuts, because 30 days is a long time to be playing a game before allowing a refund. GOG say it’s because “every part of our store is designed with gamers in mind and your purchase safety and satisfaction come first for us, and that “The latest update to our voluntary Refund Policy adds another piece to this customer-friendly experience.


To any assholes wondering if this is something they can take advantage of, it’s not entirely a case of “That’s it. There’s fine print to take note of first:

We trust that you’re making informed purchasing decisions and will use this updated voluntary Refund Policy only if something doesn’t work as you expected.

This is why there are no limits but instead, we reserve the right to refuse refunds in individual cases.

Please respect all the time and hard work put into making the games you play and remember that refunds are not reviews. If you finished the game and didn’t like it, please consider sharing your opinion instead. Also, please don’t take advantage of our trust by asking for an unreasonable amount of games to be refunded. Don’t be that person. No one likes that person.

Nobody likes that person.

Luke Plunkett is a Senior Editor based in Canberra, Australia. He has written a book on cosplay, designed a game about airplanes, and also runs cosplay.kotaku.com.

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Every game on GOG is DRM-free, correct? Then how does this prevent me from, you know...stealing the game?

Like, I’ve never refunded a game on Steam, but when a free weekend runs out for a game, the Steam client refuses to let me launch it, let alone download it again.

But if a game does not need any sort of launcher or client to run...what exactly does “refunding” a game mean on my end, aside from preventing me from downloading it again or use cloud saves/achievements?