CD Projekt's DRM-free classic computer game download service has secured several titles from French publisher Microids, including Mega Race, one of the premier showcase titles for CD Rom technology.

Originally developed by Cryo, who were purchased by Microids in 2008, MegaRace was one of the games that ushered in the age of the CD Rom. I remember working at a CompUSA around the time the game first came out, and I wouldn't let anyone leave the store with a shiny new CD drive without a copy of MegaRace. It was the 7th Guest of futuristic racing. Don't remember the game? Well now you can pick up it and MegaRace 2 in a bundle via for only $5.99.


Other Microids titles heading to the service include Haegemonia: Legion of Iron with the Solon Heritage expansion and Obscure. Both relatively fine titles, but MegaRace is where the excitement lies here. I bet it's held up horribly over the years.

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