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Good Old Games, the DRM-free digital download service for classic PC games, teams up with Cyan Worlds to bring classic adventure game series Myst back into service.


Myst is one of those games that brought countless newcomers into the world of PC gaming, with it's high-quality visuals and challenging puzzles making it one of the earliest hits of the CD-ROM era. Now has reached an agreement with developer Cyan Worlds to put the games up for sale once more, starting with Myst Masterpiece, available now for $5.99.

"Keeping the Myst series alive is incredibly satisfying," said Rand Miller, co-founder of Cyan. " allows us to keep the ages of Myst accessible for our fans, and in addition make them available to a whole new generation of gamers."


Masterpiece will be followed shortly after by Riven, which weighs in at a 2.2GB, a truly massive game for its time, and Manhole, Rand and Robyn Miller's earlier adventure game for kids.

Over the years I've probably purchased Myst in one form or another more than a dozen times. I suppose it's nice to have another option.

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$5.99 is kind of steep for Myst, considering the underlying technology is essentially HTML.

That being said, how about offering Myst for free, as a "taste," then sell the sequels? Myst 1 has been done to death, so it's about time to let the other episodes shine.