According to reports out of China, there have been rumors of abnormally large rats in Shaoyang county. And then, a villager caught one.

Note: This story contains content some readers might find objectionable.

Sanxiang Metropolis Daily (via WantChinaTimes) reports that the freakishly big rodents were apparently preying on fish in a local pond. Farmers finally caught one of the rats, it seems. The animal was a little over three feet long and weighed over ten pounds.

WantChinaTimes referred to the critter as "the Godzilla rat." Above, you can see what is reportedly the huge rat. (Note that there don't appear to be other photos of the animal, so this could be a hoax.)

After catching and killing the rat, Sanxiang Metropolis Daily reports that the villagers cooked the animal to eat. One 80 year-old villager is quoted as saying he'd never seen a rat that large. Guess he had never eaten one, either.


Freak 5kg rat caught and eaten in Hunan village [WantChinaTimes]

Photo: Shutterstock

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