Godfather was...OK. Not awful, but then, didn't really live up to the name, either. So it's thoroughly unsurprising to hear that, for the second game, they're ditching the GTA-style gameplay in favour of something a little more...unique. The latest issue of the UK's Xbox World 360 mag says the game's a little more like "Scarface meets Total War". Confused? Explanation follows: while the action/GTA bits remain, they're only part of the action. There's also a "Don's View" element to the game, much like the world map for the Total War games, where you can inspect and tweak stuff on a more strategic level (this time across three cities: Miami, Havana & New York). Could get messy, but then, anyone who's played X-Com may also find something to look forward to if EA can successfully manage the split between the planning and action sections. We'll be checking out the game first-hand next week, so stay tuned for our impressions. Godfather II: First details [CVG]