Godfall Is Good For Some Simple, Satisfying Hack And Slash

I’m seeing a lot of reviews out there calling PlayStation 5 console exclusive melee looter Godfall basic and repetitive. It is both of those things, but it’s also flashy, shiny, and feels pretty damn good combat-wise. Not at all bad for a game I can’t stop calling Warframe.

Godfall can be a bit much. The graphics are incredibly busy, as if the developers were overwhelmed by the amount of power they had to play with on the PlayStation 5 and went crazy with the textures and particles. Enemies explode into bits of coin and items when killed. Boss battles end with showers of sparkling rewards.


You take on the role of one of the last of the Knight’s Order, tasked with saving the realms from a renegade member of your sect. Though the main character is named Orin, you can unlock different suits of armor, which are definitely not Warframes, each with its own voice and special powers. You select a suit of armor, choose a mission from the map, and strike off on an adventure to hit things repeatedly using the R1 and R2 buttons.

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As in any good looter game, there’s a bunch of different equipment to be won. You can swap between two different types of weapons on the fly. Rings, amulets, banners with special powers, and life-enhancing stones drop in common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary varieties, as they do. It’s not very original.

But Godfall is fun, at least for me. Check out the video up top to see how much fun I have just tooling about, getting my ass kicked. Witness the awesome shield throw. Marvel at all the damn textures. Drink every time I say Warframe.

Maybe not that last one.

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Hey sometimes after working 9-10hrs day job, all you need is a “simple satisfying hack & slash” for catharsis. Thanks for the review.