Goddamn It, Max Payne 3’s Bullet Time Looks Amazing

Bullet time. It used to be the thing that separated the Max Payne games' operatic gunfights from everything else in video games. Then it got adopted by everybody and became as unexciting and commonplace as jumping. But, this new video shows how the slo-mo shooting gets a major upgrade in Max Payne 3.

Rather than just a cool stylistic flourish, it looks like Bullet Time is going to be tightly woven into every aspect of the gameplay in Rockstar's hard-boiled threequel. I love that making your gunfights look cool pays off with replenishment of a gameplay resource. Given that you're not going to have regenerating health in Max Payne 3, it seems like you're going to have to master Bullet Time to become a Payne master. It looks like you're going to have a lot of fun doing it, though.


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~ Pastafaria Joe ~

What's so amazing about this? It looks exactly like it did in the first two.

I mean, it's still great, but it looks like nothing new or special.