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God of War Was Very Nearly an Accidental Diablo Rip-Off

Illustration for article titled emGod of War/em Was Very Nearly an Accidental emDiablo/em Rip-Off

Kratos' red body paint is about as iconic a wardrobe option as any character we've seen this console generation, but it an interesting reveal over the weekend, former God of War lead David Jaffe has told how this very nearly wasn't the case.


The picture you see above was, according to Jaffe, what Kratos looked like "literally days before we announced the first game to the press". It was only then, at the 11th hour, that a team member saw what Diablo II's Barbarian class looked like, and raised the alarm.

Nobody on the team had spotted or been aware of the similarity between the characters until then, so things had to be changed "lickity fuckin' split!". For the better, too; as silly as Kratos can look dressed in nothing but paint and a permanent scowl, he would have looked even sillier doing a "Braveheart: The Strip Show" routine.

Advertisement Smurf?!? [David Jaffe]

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Speaking of God of War, why isn't there more excitement for Ascension? Seems to me like a blockbuster title.