Sony Computer Entertainment America is soliciting PlayStation fan opinion on what would make for the "perfect" God of War III Collector's Edition, including the option to get the PlayStation 2 entries on Blu-ray disc.

Frankly, that's the most interesting aspect of the survey, which asks potential God of War III buyers what they'd drop the extra cash on for the PlayStation 3 exclusive. The options include your standard fare—t-shirts, figurines, "Making Of" documentaries and art books—but it's the possibility of backwards compatibility on the PS3 that's noteworthy.

The survey also makes mention of a "God of War and God of War II cinematic movie compilation," which Sony could fall back on if getting God of War and God of War II to play on the no longer backwards compatible console proves too daunting.

We suppose that if Sony could offer PlayStation 2 software on a game-by-game basis like this, it could be worth their while. Say, if they could then sell last-gen games via the PlayStation Store or even patches that would make disc-based versions playable on the PS3 via software emulation.


We'd advise everyone taking the survey to rank "God of War and God of War II on Blu-ray disc" as "most important," just so we can see where they're going with this.

Here's the full list of CE options for those who weren't surveyed.

  • Full game soundtrack
  • Comic book/Graphic novel
  • Exclusive packaging
  • God of War and God of War II on Blu-ray disc
  • God of War and God of War II cinematic movie compilation
  • Art book
  • T-shirt
  • Collectible items
  • Access to exclusive downloadable content
  • Behind-the-scenes/"Making of" featurettes
  • Developer commentary

Thanks to the horde of PlayStation fans who sent this in! You can stop now!