God Of War III Demo Unchained Early For Some

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Hey, Kotaku readership. You may want to check your e-mail, as God of War III demos appear to be going out unsolicited to "valued PlayStation Network user[s]."


We've heard from a handful of Kotaku readers in the United States, UK and Poland—we would never forget Poland—who have been surprised with download vouchers for the God of War III E3 demo. So we'd advise anyone with a PlayStation Network account and a PS3 to dig through their inboxes and spam filters for a chance at some playable Kratos.

Thanks for the tips, fellas. Just make sure you hide your download voucher codes from us in the future! Muahahahaha.

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I'm a valued Playstation Network user. Score! I feel so appreciated. This goes some small way to paying back the hundreds of pounds (estimated) that I have spent on PSN. But as the file is 2.6GB and it's 1am, I shall have to wait until tomorrow. But when I do boot it up it will be with a sense of pride and belonging. Thank you Playstation family. #godofwariii