God Of War Creators Had Different Ideas On Trilogy's Ending [Update]

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God of War is a unique series, in that three different men lead the development team for each of the three games. How, then, would David Jaffe - original creator of the series - have ended things?


I'm not going to spoil the actual ending, but I can tell you that Jaffe's vision for how the trilogy wound up is quite different to how Stig Asmussen and the Sony Santa Monica team finished the third game.

"What David Jaffe talked about doing was — and I'm not sure how it would happen — basically, you destroy Greek mythology and then Norse mythology is right around the corner", Asmussen told GamePro. "That's the next thing that Kratos would go after. It becomes clear at the end that he's going to become this harbinger of death across different mythologies in the world and maybe carry the series on from there."

Nutty. For what it's worth, God of War II's Cory Barlog has something else in mind entirely. "Cory Barlog talked about Kratos becoming Death", says Asmussen. "He pretty much becomes the Grim Reaper at the end of the game and his blades become sickles. They're both incredibly good ideas, but you need a director to be passionate about the story and understand it intimately. If I had used Dave or Cory's idea, I wouldn't have been as passionate about it."

You know, I actually like Jaffe's ending best. It seems the most ridiculous, which is what the God of War series has always done best. That and it reminds me of Age of Mythology, which is always a good thing.

Stig Asmussen reveals alternate God of War 3 endings [GamePro]

UPDATE - Series creator David Jaffe doesn't quite agree with Asmussen's comments, offering the following:

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I didn't really like God of War 3 all that much. The bosses became increasingly deluded in its complexity and for the story...

It started to go bad after we meet the Pandora sidekick. Her character really annoyed me and the pair up with Kratos and the overall relationship just didn't work together. I understand that Kratos is fond of Pandora because she reminds him of his daughter, but c'mon, at least have some consistency with emotion. Kratos loved his daughter and the cold attitude represented from him to Pandora broke that. Then those emotions go all over the place, When they converse its very dry and when danger comes Kratos goes all guardian angel on her. As for the ending of the game, it was okay but they should have kept him dead though. Just the fact that he moves from the place where he died is enough to tell all of us that he is not dead.

On another note, Pandora really annoyed me. Her young voice and constant whining about her age and appearance got to me a bit. She did not fit in the context of this game.