God of War: Ascension's Multiplayer Bloodbath is Getting a Beta Soon, and a Trailer Now

Adding a multiplayer component to a God of War game still sounds a little confusing. Earlier looks have been tantalizing, in that violent, kill-everything sort of way.


Today, Sony shared a new trailer for the 4 vs 4 team bloodbath. They have also announced a multiplayer beta to run in the "near future."


Should you desperately wish to hack and slash your way through a representation of ancient Greece, slaughtering your foes, a PlayStation Plus membership might be your best bet. Game director Todd Papy writes that the beta will be "available exclusively first to PlayStation Plus subscribers" and mysteriously adds, "there may a few other secret inroads."

There's no word on when, specifically, the beta is expected to launch or what those "secret inroads" to early participation may prove to be.

God of War: Ascension is due out on March 12.

Are You Ready for the God of War: Ascension Multiplayer Beta? [PlayStation Blog]

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Fernando Jorge

People complain that MP gets in the way of SP, that devs should focus on creating a cool campaign. Most games I played that were primarily SP and got a MP mode added later on were still great games. In fact, it was the MP that could've been better.

I really can't see where the GoW games can go as a SP experience. Not only when it comes to story but gameplay as well. Hugetastic boss battles have been fought time and again and at some point it just ceases to impress.

This is why I wish they'd do this one strictly MP and created a really awesome arena brawling game, there isn't much of that. All that said, I'm not sure if I think this game's MP will be fun, it seems like it'll be based on juggling and that's only fun if you're playing against someone worse than you.