Goat Simulator 2014 Needs To Be A Real Thing

You can play as a ton of different things in video games—a goat is not typically one of them. That's too bad, because even getting hit by a car while playing as a goat seems like a blast judging from this video.

The ridiculous footage above comes from CoffeeStainStudios, and it's (most unfortunately) not a real game. "We're just playing around a bit with programming stuff, this is not our next big IP," they wrote on the video's YouTube description. The goat game is a part of a month-long game jam at the studio, to be specific.

If the world has a Woodcutter Simulator 2013, surely it can have a Goat Simulator 2014 too, right? The less realistic the better—I like the idea of getting more points for good crashes and ragdolls, like in this pseudo-game. Ah, one can dream!


(Via At7Addak)



Why that's just, groatesque