Go, Fortnite Chicken, Go

Gif: Epic / Kotaku

Perhaps you, like me, forget which games have fall damage and which don’t. You get spoiled by the invincibility of Apex Legends, only to switch to something else and plummet to your death. At least you won’t be doing that in Fortnite anymore, if you can catch a chicken.


Fortnite Season 6 launched yesterday. Along with its map changes and new weapons crafting system, the update added wildlife like chickens, boars, and wolves. You can hunt these animals for crafting materials or tame them to fight alongside you, but you can also use chickens to fly.

I found some chickens in a barn, and by pressing “E” on PC to interact with one, I was able to hoist it over my head. This let me jump higher and farther, and it also let me survive a fall off a tall ramp that definitely should have injured me.

Gif: Epic / Kotaku

On Twitter, content creator Wayzy was able to use chickens in conjunction with some other jump boosts to get some pretty serious air.

I’m not sure if it’s a winning strategy: Animals aren’t super easy to find around the Fortnite map, and switching to a weapon or the building controls made my chicken run off. Another chicken I found disappeared from my grasp after I ran for a long time. Still, it’s good for a laugh.

(Update, 6:22pm—A previous version of this article referenced Breath of the Wild, a game I always forget has fall damage. Several of you pointed out that you can slow-fall in those games by holding birds, which this seems like an obvious reference to, so I’ve changed that line to be less confusing. It’s been a long day; bless your hearts.)


Stryker Trailwood

only to switch to Breath of the Wild and plummet to your death.

you can jump/float around like this with the chickens in breath of the wild.