Glitch Turns Breath of the Wild Into A First-Person Game, It Seems

Gif: A.xk/YouTube
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Mods already make first-person views possible in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. One player, however, has apparently figured out how to do that without one.


As Twitter user A.xk pointed out, the glitch can be unlocked by following these inputs:

New item hold glitch


item hold

item hold cancel

Doing this causes the camera to glitch and appear to enter first-person mode. You can see it in action here or in the GIFs below from A.xk’s YouTube streams:

Gif: A.xk/YouTube
Gif: A.xk/YouTube

It seems you can switch out of it, too.

Gif: A.xk/YouTube

Fellow YouTuber Peco released recreated the glitch.

They also made this clip made from first-person glitch footage. It’s stunning.

I do wonder if Nintendo will go back and release a patch.

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Anonymous Joe Schmoe

“I do wonder if Nintendo will go back and release a patch.”

Kind of late in the game to patch something most people didn’t even know was there, or will ever try.

It’s just as likely Nintendo would streamline the glitch into a game setting and re-introduce the game... “Now with First Person Mode!”