Glitch Accidentally Brings Peace To MMO Battlefield

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Under normal circumstances, “World versus World” is a game mode in Guild Wars 2 where players from different servers duke it out. The entire point is competitive conflict. But yesterday, that strife briefly disappeared.

The ceasefire wasn’t planned or intentional. Rather, it was the result of a surprising bug, PCGamesN reports.

“Yes, you read that right–players on competing worlds are friendly to one another,” the Guild Wars 2 Facebook page announced yesterday. “The team working on the problem has been calling it W<3W while they work to sort out the problem.”


Instead of bloodthirsty outrage, some players seemed to like the lack of conflict. Rivals congregated and even held a peace march, as this footage by GunnerMorton shows:

Here is another look at the festivities, courtesy of TheGamersSpirit:

“May the 19th will be remembered as the day where the Eternal Battlegrounds came to rest,” TheGamersSpirit wrote. “Where enemies got brothers and sisters.Where Abaddons Mouth, Drakkar Lake and Aurora Glade were friends for once...thank you ArenaNet for making this possible and thank you all for the journey.”

Of course while it’s very uplifting that players reacted this way to the bug, Guild Wars 2 isn’t meant to be experienced this way. And so today, the bug was squashed by Arenanet, the developers.

Alas. Blood must keep running through the digital streets, as it always has.

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God I wish developers would bring back faction neutrality. Remember OG Galaxies? Where your faction ties were covert and you could converse and play with everyone. If you wanted to PVP you became an Overt operative. I really wish WoW would had done that at some point. Would have made things very interesting.