Girls in Fluffy Outfits Singing and Dancing for Pokémon

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Yep, it's super sentai inspired pop group Momoiro Clover Z singing Mite Mite☆Kotchitchi, the ending track for the new Pokémon animePocket Monsters: Best Wishes! .

ポケモン着ぐるみで踊る姿が可愛すぎる! ももいろクローバーZ『みてみて☆こっちっち』のふりつけ動画が公開 [Kotaku Japan]

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Cheese Addict

Is there a name for this type of dancing? It's so prevalent in girl band J-pop, anime, and games like Idolm@ster and Project Diva. I was in Shinjuku a few weeks ago on a vacation, and right outside the train station, a bunch of girls in cheerleading costumes danced similarly to promote Aquarius, Coca-Cola's ripoff of Pocari (think grapefruit Gatorade). So I now think of these as "cutesy J-pop cheergirl" dances.

I vaguely remember a dance craze from years ago called Para Para, which was its own thing, I think.

(Video is a fan-created dance for an intro song for an anime series called Bakemonogatari.)