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Gird Your Wallets: Steam's Holiday Sale Has Begun, and it is Ginormous

Illustration for article titled Gird Your Wallets: Steams Holiday Sale Has Begun, and it is Ginormous

The annual holiday sale on the Steam store is officially underway. It is massive and… surprisingly involved. Just about every single publisher is offering reduced prices and a ton of bundle packs, as well as a bunch of "Pack Deals" that bundle together every game from each major publisher.


If that wasn't enough gaming for you, there's also a metagame going on—each day through January 1st, a set of six objectives will turn up on the Great Gift Pile page (as of now, I can't get that link to work, but it will probably start working soon). (Update: It's working!) If you complete an objective, you get either a gift—a full game, a discount code, etc.—or a lump of coal. Coal can be amassed and traded in for gifts or saved as an entry in a game giveaway that'll happen on January 2nd.

So: A huge pile of games on sale, a huge pile of publisher bundles, and an objectve-based metagame to win more games and discounts. Valve sure does know how to ring in the holidays.


Steam Holiday Sale [Steam]

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Christmas gift thread!

Got any games you have a tradable copy of? Any coupons you don't intend to use? Post them here. See anything you like? Ask and ye shalt receive!

Let's spread some love, people.

I'm offering:

- coupon, 25% off all VALVᴱ games. (I already own all I want from them, except HalfLife 3)

- Section 8 Prejudice

- Cthulhu Saves the World + Breath of Death 7

- and one super-secret-I'm-not-going-to-tell-you-what-but-you'll-definitely-like-it pack.

Ask me in this thread and add me on Steam: PixelSnader

Games will be given in order of replies to this thread.

First come first served.

1 gift per person.