Satoshi Kon, one of the truly brilliant Japanese filmmakers, passed away yesterday due to pancreatic cancer. He was 46 years old.

While still in college, he made his debut as a manga artist. Upon graduation, he worked as an assistant for Akira author Katsuhiro Otomo.


He went on to create and direct some of the most impressive and striking anime of the last two decades.

Perfect Blue

Millennium Actress

Tokyo Godfathers

Paranoia Agent


Kon was working on a new film called The Dream Machine, which was slated for next year.

On August 23, the last tweet was posted on Kon's Twitter site. It reads: "I might be old-fashioned, or maybe it's just that I still admire the old values."

Anime Director Satoshi Kon of "Millennium Actress" Passed Away [Gigazine] [Pic]

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