Giant Bugs Versus Heavy Armor in Japanese Arcades

Steel Chronicle is Konami's latest arcade game, and it has players suit up to shoot down huge insects.


It's reminiscent of 3DP's Earth Defense Force games, which also have players shoot large insects.

Wearing the gray assault suit, characters carry an assault rifle, a machine gun, and a beam blade. Wearing a heavy duty blaster suit, characters can carry a Gatling gun and a rocket launcher.


The game is currently testing in Japanese arcades. Check out the above trailer.

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Earth Defense Force For Arcades Might Be Like Konami's Steel Chronicle | Siliconera [Siliconera]

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It' a shame arcades are all but dead in the US.

There have been many fantastic innovations in arcades in Japan since we turned our backs on them.

The Gundam Pod arcade game lets you step into a panoramic mobile suit cockpit and play with other gamers all over Japan.

Many games let you use memory keys or data cards to store you game profile and even pay online in advance.

Stagnation isn't a result of a medium reaching it's absolution, it's a result of people with creativity and vision giving up on a medium.