Giant Bosses and Big Swords, Check Out this Chinese MMORPG

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Sure the tite, God Slayer, sounds like the Japanese game God Eater (which is a bit like Monster Hunter, so whatever).

This Chinese developed MMORPG runs on the CryEngine 3, and the physics look slightly off in places. But maybe it's fun—who knows. I do like the boss fight in the above trailer.

God Slayer is a blend of Eastern and Western mythos. The developers hope to roll the game out worldwide, but haven't set a launch window. Yet.


Chinese MMO God Slayer Runs On CryEngine 3, Looks Pretty [Siliconera]

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Great for the Chinese! I'm sure they will make an impact in that community. However, sadly, I believe there will be a better MMO that's about better than this one in executing the idea of fighting boss monsters, made by Koreans. Looks a lot better made as well.