Ghostbusters LEGO, With Giant Marshmallow Man Added

LEGO enthusiast Brent Waller's awesome Ghostbusters: 30th Anniversary Project, featuring the firehouse and the officially approved Ecto-mobile just got bigger with probably the most iconic and important character of the movies: the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

Here's some facts from the builder's LEGO Cuusoo site:

It is over 34cm or 13 inches tall. If I was to use a similar ratio of a human compared to the Stay Puft as there is the movie, That Marshmallow Man would be 68cm or 27 inches tall, which makes this version exactly half scale compared to a minifig.


And some cool photos:


Ghostbusters: Stay Puft Marshmallow Man[Brent Waller, LEGO Cuusoo]

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