Ghost Recon Shadow Wars Is a 3DS Must Buy

We've been worried a bit, here at Kotaku, about the launch titles lined up for this weekend's kick off of Nintendo's 3DS. The platform is a neat device with plenty of potential, but the games so far available mostly aren't quite there.

Enter Ghost Recon Shadow Wars. This turn-based strategy game foregos the bells and whistles of 3DS' tech offerings (like StreetPass, the gyroscope and pedometer) to focus instead on delivering an engaging tactical experience with a bit of 3D panache.

While I found even the 3D a bit off putting at times, especially with the constant looking back-and-forth between 2D and 3D screens, the basic gameplay of Shadow Wars is so much fun, so reminiscent of tactical titles like X-Com, that I couldn't put it down.


Players control a small team of recon soldiers as they work their way through the game's 35 missions. The game also includes 20 skirmish maps, a pass-and-play option for multiplayer and six classes, all of which can be upgraded with skill points. You can also unlock new weapons and gear.

There are also a ton of clever interface design choices made in the game which make it a joy to play. (Check out the video.)

I haven't had a chance yet to play through the entire game, but the short time I've spent with it has me convinced this is a must have, must play titles for any portable. It just happens to be only coming to the 3DS.

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The only resemblance this bears to X-Com is the turn-and-gun-based combat. It's more like Jagged Alliance. Or Breach, which started this whole genre as far as I know. One of X-Com's neatest features was the use of height on maps (buildings would be multiple stories, you could go on their roof, etc) and destructible environments(blow holes in the roof to get out of a burning building, take out the floor of the 2nd story from underneath to reveal aliens hiding) ... don't really see that sort of thing here.

Not to say it isn't fun.