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The future has been delayed, now that Ubisoft has pushed its next big Ghost Recon game into next year. Ubi's big boss Yves Guillemot had bad news/good news today for anyone hoping to play Ghost Recon: Future Soldier this year.


Citing "a very competitive environment," Guillemot said that Ghost Recon: Future Soldier will miss its pre-Christmas target and will redeploy in the "March quarter" of 2011. In addition to avoiding some big hitters this fall—games like Halo: Reach and Call of Duty: Black Ops, for example—Future Soldier will get some bonus development time, which Yves sees as a plus.


Maybe they'll have more time to produce more awesome trailers while they're at it.

In better news (for some of us), Ubisoft will show Ghost Recon: Future Soldier for the first time publicly at E3. Exciting!

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