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Ghost Recon Future Soldier Gets Its Own Live-Action Mini-Movie This Week.

Halo 4's not the only AAA game with a real-life movie lead-in. Ubisoft's just announced that their near-future squad shooter will be preceded by Ghost Recon Alpha, a 26-minute live-action film that will air on G4.


There's a multiplayer map based the locales in the film and scenes in the film will lead up to events in the game, too. For players who really want the best in-game gear, Alpha will also have a secret code hidden inside it that you can use to unlock a special weapon in Future Soldier. So, if you want to rule the leaderboards, you better set your DVRs for G4 on Thursday, May 3rd at 6:30 PM.

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So if this is the future, where are all the female combat soldiers? I don't understand why more than a decade ago females were prominent in TC games like Rainbow 6 and Ghost Recon but now they aren't.


Read this article, it is crucial to those who say women can't be combat soldiers.