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GH: World Tour Won't Let You Share Real Songs

Illustration for article titled GH: World Tour Wont Let You Share Real Songs

When it comes to breaking down the feature sets of Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero: World Tour, Activision's title has long had an extra tick in the "for" column: its song creation utility. And not because you honestly think you can recreate your favourite songs in the included editor, but because, with the game allowing the online sharing of created songs, you're relying on someone more talented to do it for you. Well, turns out you won't be doing anything of the sort. Activision have told 1UP "If there's a licensed song and someone holds the copyright to it, we'll take it down regardless of whether or not someone complains". So if you want that note-perfect cover of Honey Bucket, you're going to have to roll your sleeves up and do it yourself. Guitar Hero World Tour [1UP, via VG247]


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Gantz: Your Trusted Friend in Science.

I thought it would count as a Cover version because you're certainly not ripping the actual song file into the game. Especially without the vocals.

Oh well, just another reason why this feature is half useless. Would still rather them just promise to pump out songs as fast as Harmonix are.

(I say half because theres still going to be a bunch of people, hopefully, that make some truly impressive and fun songs through this.)