My longtime friend Bennett Foddy makes frustrating video games. You might have played QWOP, or GIRP. Somehow, making purposely frustrating video games about humans with malfunctioning legs landed Foddy a job teaching game design at NYU. In other words, the universe conspired to inspire him to keep doing it. So we absolutely deserve his latest game, Getting Over It.

As I say in my video, it doesn’t matter what this game is called, anymore. It’s all over Twitch and YouTube already. This game is now “The Game About The Torso In A Pot.”

Getting Over It is about climbing a massive mountain using only a sledgehammer while your entire lower body is confined in an iron cauldron full of water. Consider this game mandatory homework for the entire human race.

I made a video about this game. Look, it’s a good video. I hope you watch it. I genuinely hope my mom watches it. It’s got chill music. I tried to write a script I could imagine Werner Herzog reading. Don’t worry: I didn’t read it in a Werner Herzog impression. That would have been terrible. That would have been harder (for me, and for you) than playing a Bennett Foddy game.


Getting Over It is available now as part of the Humble Monthly Bundle. It’ll be on Steam in December.